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When you post a load that you need a pilot car to cover, it’s automatically and immediately emailed or texted to thousands of pilot car companies across the United States and Canada. They receive your load details and can contact you directly and immediately.

Don’t want dozens of people calling you? As soon as you hire the escorts, enter “covered” and resubmit, and our service re-texts to everyone that you no longer need an escort.

How it Works

A company/individual posts a load, where they require a pilot car. The load information is automatically texted to all subscribed pilot car companies. As a pilot car, You call the company direct, you negotiate the price, and you bill the company direct—there are no “hidden” fees. You are in control. You provide the company with your documentation and you invoice the posting company as soon as the job is completed.

Don't forget! Your subscription is a business expense for your taxes next year.  Write off's can greatly help your bottom line! 

Coming Soon 

  • Available pilot car locating service that will "ping" you on a map to show people looking for pilot cars, that there are cars available in that area. This will be on a strict "opt in" program.